What Others Say

Helen Yosaf

Pat is an incredible encouragement to the body of Christ. Her words are wisdom and her gift is oil!

Helen Yousaf, Worship Leader, Singer/Songwriter 

Keith Jackson

Pat is a precious gift to the Body of Christ. Her teaching is always sharp and  insightful; a rare breed of Bible teacher who never ceases to impress with  her careful study of God's Word. Pat's ministry to the Church will bless the  hearer and reader as she introduces her audience to the great love God has for them. A truly inspirational ministry that I wholeheartedly recommend.

Keith Jackson, Senior Leader, Life Church, Chelmsford.

Gareth Sherwood

Pat is an experienced and very effective speaker. She has an insightful, sensitive, inspiring and uplifting style. She is highly gifted in teaching, drawing from her life, theological education and counselling experience to bring a deft balance of rock solid doctrine and life changing application.

Dr Gareth Sherwood, Associate Minister, City Gates Church, Ilford

Alison Atkinson

Inspiration – that’s what people often receive when Pat has ministered. Her aim is always to encourage and build people up by the application of God’s word. I’ve been privileged to know Pat as a friend for some years and have benefited from her practical wisdom and insight, as well as seeing others respond to her public ministry.

Rev Alison Atkinson

Nick Whipps

Pat is a learned communicator of scripture. She is skilled in digging into the depth of scripture and understanding it’s meaning, whilst retaining a profound ear to what the Holy Spirit wants to say through her and her study.

Nick Whipps, Pastor Elim Church, Norwich

Sarah Parkinson

Pat is a treasure trove of wisdom; she is engaging, thought-provoking and helps you to see things in a different way.

Sarah Parkinson, Director of Training and Discipleship, Letchworth Garden City Church 

Sue Crace

Since meeting Pat over 10 years ago she has never failed to inspire me. An eloquent and motivational speaker, her God given gift for preaching is always relevant, thought provoking and challenging and leaves me wanting to go out and have an impact on those around me. She is passionate about people and the local community. She is encouraging, supportive and exceptionally perceptive and sensitive to the needs of others. She brings out the best in people. Pat has been instrumental in the deepening of my own faith through her challenging sermons and testimonies. She has a God given gift for recognising specific needs and her words of encouragement and prophesies during meetings, as well as on a one to one basis, are always perfectly timed and relevant.

Sue Crace, Headteacher