I have wonderful conversations with my husband. He is the most generous man – actually happy to take turns in listening and speaking. We had been discussing today a TEDTalk – there are many really interesting TED talk videos online, but this one caught our imagination . It is about Paula Stone Williams, a transgender woman, who has lived part of her life as a man, and is now a transgender woman (link if you want to watch is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrYx7HaUlMY).

Whatever your views on the subject of transgender, this video is an eye opener as to the often unmentioned differences between men and women. I raise this, only because John asked me if he was as insensitive as some of the men mentioned in the video. It is not a vitriolic man-bashing video; on the contrary, it is a thoughtful comment on the differences that Paula found highly unexpected. I reassured John that he has one exceptional quality; he respects every human being, regardless of gender, race, background, beliefs or ability. He often has to travel abroad on business, and is frequently made aware that many cultures do not respect such differences He goes out of his way to redress that balance wherever and whenever he can.

I am the grateful recipient of such respect. He has always assured me of his love, shows it tirelessly, and is not afraid to demonstrate it appropriately in public. He champions me as an individual, and will always build me up – to myself, and to anyone else. He is not viewing me through “rose-coloured” spectacles; on the contrary, he is well aware of my failings. He simply chooses to build rather than destroy. He has great patience with anyone he teaches new skills to, and will help anyone he can.

On the exceptional instances in his life when someone has done something disrespectful to him, it comes as a shock, for this is not something he would do. He admits readily when he has made a mistake, and owns up to his responsibility to fix it, and fixes it as fast as he possibly can.

He has never had a problem with women preachers. He delights to brainstorm ideas with me that only sometimes make it to the finished sermon! He is insightful with his comments, and genuinely delighted when I am given the opportunity to be released in an anointing, particularly in preaching.

Thank you, my Cariad, for being such an incredible man, an amazing human, and my beloved partner






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  1. It is my honour and delight to have you as my “other half” (which I mean in a literal sense,as I am only half when you are not there). I genuinely enjoy the brainstorming sessions – and why would I not promote an intelligent, witty, clever woman’s obvious ministry – to not do so would be misogynistic, and plain daft, besides which I get to bask in the reflected glory!

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