There are times when a picture definitely speaks a thousand words. This picture, called “What Jesus Did for Me” by Yongkim Kim, is painted from the perspective of someone drowning, and looking up to see Jesus reaching out His hand. By faith, and an understanding of Matthew 14:22-33, we know that even though Peter tried to walk on the water, the waves were being tossed about by the fierce wind. Matthew 14:30 reads: But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me”

It struck me that Peter’s focus was not actually on the water at this point, but on the wind.

Fierce wind can cause untold damage, ripping and shredding buildings and everything in its path. Peter would have been used to winds, and he was extremely used to travelling on Lake Galilee. But this was a difference scenario. Peter had never journeyed in this way before. All his training and experience was designed to keep him inside a boat, not outside of it in the middle of the lake.

Yongkim’s picture is so graphic to me right now, for whilst the Scriptures tell us that Peter was “beginning” to sink, life has currently put me in that position, captured in this picture,  of feeling like my whole body is sinking downward, so that the water is above me, not just that I am sinking “into” it.

It can take vast reserves of emotional and spiritual energy to look up, and reach for God’s hand as He reaches down to you. Trust is simply holding onto a breath that seems to have gone on forever. I have often told people in the midst of trauma “just breathe…”. I believe it, but when your mind is registering that you feel as if you are underwater, breathing in and out seems like a dumb thing to do.

So this becomes the point of several miracles… the realisation that it is possible to survive anywhere if God is with you, even if you feel like you are drowning. It is important to read the next verse in sequence – “Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?”(Matthew 14:31). God was there in an instant, and saved Peter from drowning. However, notice that the wind did not die down until they were both safely back in the boat. The presence of Jesus did not automatically stop the wind: but it did protect Peter when the wind was at its fiercest.

Lozenge Moment…

  • It’s ok to be afraid – as long as you make it a place you visit, not a place you live
  • In God, it is possible to breathe… even when everytign within you screams that you wil choke if you do
  • Can you take a moment today to just sit and soak in His peace? His peace will take you through the fiercest winds

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