The Wii is a home video games console, released just over 10 years ago. Having two computer games buffs in the house, the console became a much-anticipated item in our house in the run-up to its release. I am not a computer games aficionado, but rather a wordsmith, and it struck me to wonder why a repetition of the letter “i” in “Wii” should somehow end up being pronounced as “We”. According to the console’s creators Nintendo, the name was intended to resemble two people standing side-by-side (representing players gathering together).

I prefer to think of it as what happens when two people get married. The two become one (Matthew 19:5). Two “I”’s are changed into one “We”. In fact, the letters themselves change –“i” become “e”. I have often had the immense privilege as a Counsellor to talk to couples who firmly believe that two should become one – the problem is, which one? Tragically one person ends up dominating the relationship, with disastrous results. The answer is to realise that the new relationship formed is itself a new “person” – the “we” is essentially a brand new creation, and should actually combine the very best elements of both of the individuals. A fantastic result is when each retains enough individuality to have their own characteristics, yet be joined enough to form a fantastic new “one”, where the sum of the two is much greater than could otherwise be possible. The new one is formed in the merged section of overlapping circles .The new team created is so much stronger for being united with another.

two circles merging

I count myself incredibly honoured and blessed to have found my soulmate, my ultimate merge, and this year “we” celebrate 37 wonderful years of being very happily married!

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