angels and demons golgotha's battle

Two armies faced off, each from opposing camps. One army struggled, feeling like victory was quickly slipping away from them, as their Commander became weaker and weaker before their eyes.

They experienced uncertainty about whether the strategy of absolute non-interference was viable. But their General had insisted, and so they maintained a high-energy state of alertness. Surely there would be something, some release, some way of using every sword at their disposal. But nothing came. No-one in this army actually moved, or made a sound.

But the battlefield was not silent…

The opposing army was screaming with delight, drooling at the realisation that the greatest Commander of all time was about to be murdered right in front of them. What made it all the more delicious for them was the knowledge that those who had been supposedly charged with the opposing General’s laws and commandments had been the very ones who engineered a fake trial and sentencing of death. Their screams intensified as they watched the life-blood of their greatest enemy seep down his fragile brow. They taunted the opposing army, hurling insults and abuse at their helplessness, whilst wondering why they did not come to the rescue of this pathetic figure. They knew how intense the General’s warriors could be – many carried permanent scars of such encounters.


The battlefield got very dark, as the victory came closer and closer. Suddenly there was one voice that rang out, and then one man gave his last breath.

It was an incredible moment of victory, as every demon of Hell raced back to their throne room, each to give their own garbled inflated report of how they had been personally responsible for the death of their greatest enemy. The courts of Hell resounded with laughter and incredulity that their evil works could now been released without fetters, that mankind would be permanently enslaved to their master for all time.

But as each demon and devil was obliviously back-slapping one another, someone asked:-

“What were his last words? Did you hear it?”

“No, I was laughing too much!”

And then there was a new sound, never before heard…

As the laughter began to wane, they tried to figure out the sound, and isolate a direction. They suddenly recognized the sound as a roar, the roar of a lion, that intensified, feeling like it was coming through the walls. And then He was there…. The Commander, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, was here, not dead, but alive, vibrant and more powerful than anyone had ever witnessed. Every demon and devil slithered prostrate before the glory that kept on expanding, crushing every breath, every evil answer, refusing to allow anyone to speak…

… but The Commander spoke, as if there had been no gap or interruption.

It is finished…. Satan. The plan of Redemption is finished, your power is finished, hopelessness is finished, despondency is finished and powerlessness is finished.

And what is beginning? Newness..  newness of life, power, dominion, strength, hope, faith, provision and love.

And as for you, Satan, the word to you is “Enough”. No more are you allowed free reign. And as for your so-called army; the reason none of my angels moved to help me was because my Father wanted you to understand that from now on, they will be the supporting army. The real warriors will be every one who believes in me, and my warriors will assist these that Father has given to me. You have no idea how these humans will now break every device you have, and win victory every day, over everything you could possibly imagine.

So, let’s get started, cos I’m taking the first set of kids home…”

And the Commander was gone, Abraham’s Bosom was emptied of faithful God-worshippers, and a new eerie sound erupted into the stunned silence. It was the sound of one tomb opening…



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